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Here are the sample pages we made.

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Building Change Detection Using Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Images

GAN-Based Local Lightness-Aware Enhancement Network for Underexposed Images

Effect of Interactive Multimedia PE Teaching Based on the Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Bi-directional Maximal Matching Algorithm to Segment Khmer Words in Sentence

Burmese Sentiment Analysis Based on Transfer Learning

TOD: Trash Object Detection Dataset

Fuzzy Neural Network Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Two-Wheeled Self-Balanced Robot

Evaluation Method of College English Education Effect Based on Improved Decision Tree Algorithm

Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities for IoT Devices

Tobacco Retail License Recognition Based on Dual Attention Mechanism

Journal of Communications and Networks

Wi-BLE: On Cooperative Operation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy under IPv6

Mobility Management of Multi-hop Mobile Integrated Access and Backhaul Network

qMon: A Method to Monitor Queueing Delay in OpenFlow Networks

Trust-based Adversary Detection in Edge Computing Assisted Vehicular Networks

Triple-Band Scheduling with Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Bands for Wireless Backhaul

Distributed Fronthaul-Constrained Joint Transmission Design and Selection Using Augmented Consensus-based Dual Decomposition

Dual-hop Relaying Networks for Short-Packet URLLCs: Performance Analysis and Optimization

Synchronizing Tasks for Distributed Learning in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Information Freshness and Packet Drop Rate Interplay in a Two-User Multi-Access Channel

MobiRPL: Adaptive, Robust, and RSSI-based Mobile Routing in Low Power and Lossy Networks