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Journal of Communications and Networks

Simulating TSN Traffic Scheduling and Shaping For Future Automotive Ethernet

Design and Implementation of Trusted Sensing Framework for IoT Environment

Explore-Before-Talk: Multichannel Selection Diversity for Uplink Transmissions in Machine-Type Communication

Load Balancing Routing Under Constraints of Quality of Transmission in Mesh Wireless Network based on Software Defined Networking

5G NR mmWave Indoor Coverage with Massive Antenna System

Enhanced Faulty Node Detection with Interval Weighting Factor for Distributed Systems

Optimal 3D UA V Base Station Placement by Considering Autonomous Coverage Hole Detection, Wireless Backhaul and User Demand

A Deep-Q Learning Approach to Mobile Operator Collaboration

RETCAM: An Efficient TCAM Compression Model for Flow Table of OpenFlow

Expansive Networks: Exploiting Spectrum Sharing for Capacity Boost and 6G Vision

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Optimized Chinese Pronunciation Prediction by Component-Based Statistical Machine Translation

On-Demand Remote Software Code Execution Unit Using On-Chip Flash Memory Cloudification for IoT Environment Acceleration

Assisted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnosis for Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Supervised Classification Schemes

Discovering Community Interests Approach to Topic Model with Time Factor and Clustering Methods

The Future of Quantum Information: Challenges and Vision

Supply Chain Trust Evaluation Model Based on Improved Chain Iteration Method

Multiple Properties-Based Moving Object Detection Algorithm

Effective and Efficient Similarity Measures for Purchase Histories Considering Product Taxonomy

Re-SSS: Rebalancing Imbalanced Data Using Safe Sample Screening

Default Prediction of Automobile Credit Based on Support Vector Machine