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Journal of Communications and Networks

Towards Enabling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a Service for Heterogeneous Applications

RPLIE: RPL for Indoor Environments under Midterm Link Fluctuations

Traffic and Overhead Analysis of Applied Pre-filtering ACL Firewall on HPC Service Network

Generalized Performance Analysis and Optimization of Enhanced Power Saving Semi Persistent Scheduler

Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Network with Multiple Receive Antennas Under Impulsive Noise Environments

NOLD: A Neural-Network Optimized Low-Resolution Decoder for LDPC Codes

Comparison of UCA-OAM and UCA-MIMO Systems for Sub-THz Band Line-of-Sight Spatial Multiplexing Transmission

A Fully integrated D-band Direct-Conversion I/Q Transmitter and Receiver Chipset in SiGe BiCMOS Technology

A Multi-hop Routing Algorithm for WSNs based on Compressive Sensing and Multiple Objective Genetic Algorithm

Stabilized Adaptive Sampling Control for Reliable Real-Time Learning-based Surveillance Systems

Journal of Information Processing Systems

A Video Expression Recognition Method Based on Multi-mode Convolution Neural Network and Multiplicative Feature Fusion

A Survey of Automatic Code Generation from Natural Language

Unidirectional Flow: A Survey on Networks, Applications, and Characteristic Attributes

An Offloading Scheduling Strategy with Minimized Power Overhead for Internet of Vehicles Based on Mobile Edge Computing

Secure Object Detection Based on Deep Learning

Implementation of an Autostereoscopic Virtual 3D Button in Non-contact Manner Using Simple Deep Learning Network

Analysis of Impact on ERP Customization Module Using CSR Data

Effective Pre-rating Method Based on Users' Dichotomous Preferences and Average Ratings Fusion for Recommender Systems

Attentive Transfer Learning via Self-supervised Learning for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis

A Federated Multi-Task Learning Model Based on Adaptive Distributed Data Latent Correlation Analysis