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Here are the sample pages we made.

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Research on Pattern Elements and Colors in Apparel Design through Fractal Theory

Embedded System-Based Fast Fourier Transform Method for Measuring Water Content in Crude Oil

Financial and Economic Risk Prevention and Countermeasures Based on Big Data and Internet of Things

Network Anomaly Traffic Detection Using WGAN-CNN-BiLSTM in Big Data Cloud–Edge Collaborative Computing Environment

Research on Personalized Course Recommendation Algorithm Based on Att-CIN-DNN under Online Education Cloud Platform

Improving Deep Learning Models Considering the Time Lags between Explanatory and Response Variables

Construction of Sports Event Standard System in the Context of Big Data and Internet of Things

Design of HCI System of Museum Guide Robot Based on Visual Communication Skill

Data Mining for Uncertain Data Based on Difference Degree of Concept Lattice

SwiftQ: A Time-Efficient RFID Collision Arbitration Algorithm for Gen2-Based RFID Systems

Journal of Communications and Networks

MCPR: Routing Using Parallel Shortest Paths

Bandit Learning based Stable Matching for Decentralized Task Offloading in Dynamic Fog Computing Networks

Network- and Application-aware Adaptive Congestion Control Algorithm

Hybrid Approaches to PAPR, BER, and PSD Optimization in 6G OTFS: Implications for Healthcare

Short-Packet Communications in Wireless Energy Transfer Full-Duplex IoT Networks with Deep Learning Design

FTN-GFDM Detection Based on Reduced-Complexity Soft Sphere Decoding Integrated with Polar Codes

Asymptotically Optimal Delay-aware Scheduling in Queueing Systems

In-vehicle Network Latency Analysis for a Lane Keeping Assistance System

Distributed IIoT Anomaly Detection Scheme Based on Blockchain and Federated Learning

Probabilistic Resource Rescheduling for C-V2X based on Delivery Rate Estimation