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Journal of Information Processing Systems

Research and Design of Functional Requirements of Shared Electric Bicycle App Based on User Experience

Development Problems and Countermeasures of Rural E-Commerce Logistics in the Context of Big Data and Internet of Things

Construction of Customer Appeal Classification Model Based on Speech Recognition

A Novel Smart Contract based Optimized Cloud Selection Framework for Efficient Multi-Party Computation

Multi-Description Image Compression Coding Algorithm Based on Depth Learning

Wireless Network Health Information Retrieval Method Based on Data Mining Algorithm

A Visual Communication Design Study: Graphic Element Design Under Traditional Handwork

Detection of Maximal Balance Clique Using Three-way Concept Lattice

High Shock-Resistant Design of Piezoresistive High-g Accelerometer

Analysis of DDS Sampling Method and Harmonic Composition

Journal of Communications and Networks

The Internet of Bio-Nano Things in Blood Vessels: System Design and Prototypes

Performance Analysis of Dense Low Earth Orbit Satellite Communication Networks with Stochastic Geometry

Multigateway Precoded NOMA in Multibeam Satellite Multicast Systems

Channel Estimation for OFDM-based Indoor Broadband Power Line Communication Systems

Distributed Totally Decomposed Cumulative Goppa Coded-Cooperative Communication with Optimized Selection in the Relay

Probability Weighting Effect in Vertex Cover of Networks Via Prospect-Theoretic Learning

Dynamic Collaborative Task Offloading for Delay Minimization in the Heterogeneous Fog Computing Systems

Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Communications via Self-Interference Cancellation in Space

Task Offloading Based on Edge Collaboration in MEC-Enabled IoV Networks

Towards Deep Learning-aided Wireless Channel Estimation and Channel State Information Feedback for 6G