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Journal of Information Processing Systems

Action Recognition Method in Sports Video Shear Based on Fish Swarm Algorithm

Study of Hollow Letter CAPTCHAs Recognition Technology Based on Color Filling Algorithm

Non-uniform Weighted Vibration Target Positioning Algorithm Based on Sensor Reliability

Fresh Produce E-Commerce Supply Chain Coordination Considering Promotional and Freshness-Keeping Efforts

Factors Affecting the Sales of Newspapers and Magazines Based on Concise Catalog

CAttNet: A Compound Attention Network for Depth Estimation of Light Field Images

Data Mining Research on Maehwado Painting Poetry in the Early Joseon Dynasty

Image Enhancement Algorithm and its Application in Image Defogging

Task Scheduling and Resource Management Strategy for Edge Cloud Computing Using Improved Genetic Algorithm

Resource Efficient AI Service Framework Associated with a Real-Time Object Detector

Journal of Communications and Networks

Efficient End-to-End Failure Probing Matrix Construction in Data Center Networks

Aggressive and Proactive LTP Control Signal Handling for Minimal Session Delivery Time: RTT Rules the World

Spectrum Cartography Based on Dynamic Compressed Sensing by Using Multiple Domains Information

GaMiCO: Game-slicing based Multi-interface Computation Offloading in 5G Vehicular Networks

A Novel Group Management Scheme of Clustered Federated Learning for Mobile Traffic Prediction in Mobile Edge Computing Systems

A Generalized CNN Model with Automatic Hyperparameter Tuning for Millimeter Wave Channel Prediction

Channel Prediction Based on Non-Uniform Pilot Pattern for Mobile Massive MIMO Scenarios

Joint Association and Resource Allocation for Multi-Hop Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB) Network

On the Maximum Buffer Size Achieved in a Class of Constructions of Optical Priority Queues

Enhancing Information Freshness for Coordinated Direct and Relay Transmission