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Journal of Communications and Networks

Routing Optimization For Cloud Services in SDN-based Internet of Things With TCAM Capacity Constraint

Bandwidth Scheduling for Big Data Transfer with Two Variable Node-Disjoint Paths

Subchannel and Power Allocation for D2D Communication in mmWave Cellular Networks

A Novel MAC Protocol Exploiting Concurrent Transmissions for Massive LoRa Connectivity

Simplified KF-based Energy-Efficient Vehicle Positioning for Smartphones

Coding Advantage Optimization of Space-time-frequency Block Codes

Secured Green Communication Scheme for Interference Alignment Based Networks

Numerical Approximation of Millimeter-Wave Frequency Sharing between Cellular Systems and Fixed Service Systems

A Hybrid Link Protection Scheme for Ensuring Network Service Availability in Link-state Routing Networks

Collaborative Attributes and Resources for Single-Stage Virtual Network Mapping in Network Virtualization

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Movie Recommendation System Based on Users’ Personal Information and Movies Rated Using the Method of k-Clique and Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain

Nonlinear Quality Indices Based on a Novel Lempel-Ziv Complexity for Assessing Quality of Multi-Lead ECGs Collected in Real Time

PSA: A Photon Search Algorithm

Energy-Aware Virtual Data Center Embedding

Conceptual Extraction of Compound Korean Keywords

Identification of Tea Diseases Based on Spectral Reflectance and Machine Learning

A Study on Electronic Voting System Using Private Blockchain

A Method for k Nearest Neighbor Query of Line Segment in Obstructed Spaces

Electromagnetic Environment of Transmission Line Based on Full Parameter Online Estimation

Offline-to-Online Service and Big Data Analysis for End-to-end Freight Management System