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Journal of Communications and Networks

Development of a Cycling Safety Services System and Its Deep Learning Bicycle Crash Model

Temporal Deep Learning Assisted UAV Communication Channel Model For Application in EH-MIMO-NOMA Set-up

Beyond 5G: Reducing the Handover Rate for High Mobility Communications

Intrusion Detection Technique in Wireless Sensor Network using Grid Search Random Forest with Boruta Feature Selection Algorithm

Towards Edge Intelligence in the Automotive Scenario: A Discourse on Architecture for Database-Supported Autonomous Platooning

6G R&D Vision: Requirements and Candidate Technologies (Invited paper)

Robust Secure UAV Relay-Assisted Cognitive Communications with Resource Allocation and Cooperative Jamming

Improved Genetic Algorithm based 3-D deployment of UAVs

Breathing-based Continuous Non-intrusive User Verification Leveraging Commodity WiFi

Interference-Aware Path Planning Optimization for Multiple UAVs in Beyond 5G Networks

Journal of Information Processing Systems

A Fast Inter-prediction Mode Decision Algorithm for HEVC Based on Spatial-Temporal Correlation

A BERT-Based Automatic Scoring Model of Korean Language Learners' Essay

An Approach to Applying Multiple Linear Regression Models by Interlacing Data in Classifying Similar Software

Implementation of Image Transmission Based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

A Deep Learning Approach for Identifying User Interest from Targeted Advertising

Automated Print Quality Assessment Method for 3D Printing AI Data Construction

Models and Methods for the Evaluation of Automobile Manufacturing Supply Chain Coordination Degree Based on Collaborative Entropy

A Manually Captured and Modified Phone Screen Image Dataset for Widget Classification on CNNs

Path-Based Computation Encoder for Neural Architecture Search

Implementation of Quality Management System for Wild-Simulated Ginseng Using Blockchain