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Here are the sample pages we made.

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Remote Fault Diagnosis Method of Wind Power Generation Equipment Based on Internet of Things

Martial Arts Moves Recognition Method Based on Visual Image

Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Edge Caching in Heterogeneous Networks

An Efficient Monocular Depth Prediction Network Using Coordinate Attention and Feature Fusion

Electrical Automatic Control System Based on the Internet of Things

An Induction Scheme of Fast Initiative-Evacuation Based on Social Graphs

Design of Intelligent Transportation Control System Based on Blockchain Technology

Electrical Engineering Design Method Based on Neural Network and Application of Automatic Control System

PBFT Blockchain-Based OpenStack Identity Service

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube: Comparative Study of Streaming Infrastructure and Strategy

Journal of Communications and Networks

Neural Joint Source-Channel Coding via Bernoulli Latent Straight-Through Estimator

A Deep Neural Network based MU-MIMO Beamforming Training Protocol for IEEE 802.11ay

Writing on Dirty Flash Memory: Combating Inter-Cell Interference via Coding with Side Information

Neural Myerson Auction for Truthful and Energy-Efficient Autonomous Aerial Data Delivery

Parallelized and Randomized Adversarial Imitation Learning for Safety-Critical Self-Driving Vehicles

Downlink Spectrum Sharing of Heterogeneous Communication Systems in LEO Satellite Networks

Deep-Fading Hole Avoidance for Secure Region Detection using Channel State Information

Metaheuristics as Enablers for VNF Scheduling in the Network Slice Set Up Process

Jamming Resilient Multi-Channel Transmission for Cognitive Radio IoT-based Medical Networks

ENERGENT: An Energy-Efficient UAV-Assisted Fog-IoT Framework for Disaster Management