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Journal of Communications and Networks

Intelligent Network Data Analytics Function in 5G Cellular Networks using Machine Learning

Mobile Device-centric Approach for Identifying Problem Spot in Network using Deep Learning

AFRL: Adaptive Federated Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Jamming Defense in FANET

UE Throughput Guaranteed Small Cell ON/OFF Algorithm with Machine Learning

Collision Prediction for a Low Power Wide Area Network using Deep Learning Methods

QoS Provisioning and Energy Saving Scheme for Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks Using Deep Learning

Adversarial Attack on DL-based Massive MIMO CSI Feedback

Accelerating Wireless Channel Autoencoders for Short Coherence-time Communications

Outlier Detection in Indoor Localization and Internet of Things (IoT) using Machine Learning

Deep Learning-based Channel Estimation and Tracking for Millimeter-wave Vehicular Communications

Journal of Information Processing Systems

A Sentiment Classification Approach of Sentences Clustering in Webcast Barrages

The Dilemma of Parameterizing Propagation Time in Blockchain P2P Network

Multi-granular Angle Description for Plant Leaf Classification and Retrieval Based on Quotient Space

A Health Management Service with Beacon-Based Identification for Preventive Elderly Care

One-Dimensional Search Location Algorithm Based on TDOA

ICT Agriculture Support System for Chili Pepper Harvesting

Abnormal Behavior Recognition Based on Spatio-temporal Context

Iris Ciphertext Authentication System Based on Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Algorithm for Detection of Fire Smoke in a Video Based on Wavelet Energy Slope Fitting

Construction of a Remote Monitoring System in Smart Dust Environment