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Journal of Information Processing Systems

Dynamic Caching Routing Strategy for LEO Satellite Nodes Based on Gradient Boosting Regression Tree

SoC Virtual Platform with Secure Key Generation Module for Embedded Secure Devices

Signal Processing and Development Process Based on "MOOC + SPOC + Flipped Classroom"

The Determinants and their Time-Varying Spillovers on Liquefied Natural Gas Import Prices in China Based on TVP-FAVAR Model

TPS Analysis, Performance Indicator of Public Blockchain Scalability

Empirical Research on the Relationship between the Futures and Spot Prices of Cotton in China

Survey on Financial Support in Chinese Language Promotion

Applications of a Deep Neural Network to Illustration Art Style Design of City Architectural

A Study on the Analysis of Security Requirements through Literature Review of Threat Factors of 5G Mobile Communication

A Controllable Parallel CBC Block Cipher Mode of Operation

Journal of Communications and Networks

Analyzing Age of Information in Multiaccess Networks with Time-Varying Channels: A Fluid Limits Approach

IBN@Cloud: An Intent-based Cloud and Overlay Network Orchestration System

A Popularity-Based Caching Strategy for Improved Efficiency in SVRF-based Multicast Control-Planes

Traffic Engineering and QoS/QoE Supporting Techniques for Emerging Service-Oriented Software-Defined Network

NetLabeller: Architecture with Data Extraction and Labelling Framework for Beyond 5G Networks

Classification and Characterization of Encoded Traffic in SCADA Network using Hybrid Deep Learning Scheme

Efficient Detectors for Uplink Massive MIMO Systems

An Efficient Application based Many-to-Many Resource Allocation and Sharing with Power Optimization for D2D Communication - A Clustered Approach

Statistical Analysis of Cascaded Nakagami-m Fading Channels with Generalized Correlation

No Battery, No Problem: Challenges and Opportunities in Batteryless Intermittent Networks