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Journal of Communications and Networks

A Reliable and Efficient Forwarding Strategy in Vehicular Named Data Networking

FMS-AMS: Secure Proximity-based Authentication for Wireless Access in Internet of Things

Self-Adaptive Power Control with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Millimeter-Wave Internet-of-Vehicles Video Caching

EVC-TDMA: An Enhanced TDMA Based Cooperative MAC Protocol for Vehicular Networks

Malicious Relay Detection Using Sentinels: A Stochastic Geometry Framework

Generalized Area Spectral Efficiency of Wireless Ad-hoc Networks over Rayleigh Fading

Intelligent Network Data Analytics Function in 5G Cellular Networks using Machine Learning

Mobile Device-centric Approach for Identifying Problem Spot in Network using Deep Learning

AFRL: Adaptive Federated Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Jamming Defense in FANET

UE Throughput Guaranteed Small Cell ON/OFF Algorithm with Machine Learning

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multi-Resolution Multi-Direction Filtering-Based CLBP Texture Features and Color Autocorrelogram Features

A Systematic Literature Survey of Software Metrics, Code Smells and Refactoring Techniques

A Comprehensive Analyses of Intrusion Detection System for IoT Environment

A Fast CU Size Decision Optimal Algorithm Based on Neighborhood Prediction for HEVC

A Survey of the Application of Blockchain in Multiple Fields of Financial Services

Resource Management in 5G Mobile Networks: Survey and Challenges

A Study on Variant Malware Detection Techniques Using Static and Dynamic Features

Research on Fault Diagnosis of Wind Power Generator Blade Based on SC-SMOTE and kNN

Fast Incremental Checkpoint Based on Page-Level Rewrite Interval Prediction

A Modified E-LEACH Routing Protocol for Improving the Lifetime of a Wireless Sensor Network