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Journal of Communications and Networks

Optimal 3D UA V Base Station Placement by Considering Autonomous Coverage Hole Detection, Wireless Backhaul and User Demand

A Deep-Q Learning Approach to Mobile Operator Collaboration

RETCAM: An Efficient TCAM Compression Model for Flow Table of OpenFlow

Expansive Networks: Exploiting Spectrum Sharing for Capacity Boost and 6G Vision

An Efficient Defense Method For Compromised Switch and Middlebox-Bypass Attacks In Service Function Chaining

Unified Statistical Performance of FSO Link due to the Combined Effect of Weak Turbulence and Generalized Pointing Error with HD and IM/DD

Special Issue on 6G Wireless Systems

Spectral and Energy Efficient Power Allocation for MIMO Broadcast Channels with Individual Delay and QoS Constraints

On Improving Throughput of Multichannel ALOHA using Preamble-based Exploration

Optimum LED Coverage Utilization in OCC for Effective Communication with Mobile Robot

Journal of Information Processing Systems

Suggestion for Collaboration-Based UI/UX Development Model through Risk Analysis

Directional Interpolation Based on Improved Adaptive Residual Interpolation for Image Demosaicking

Design of Image Generation System for DCGAN-Based Kids’ Book Text

A Method for Tree Image Segmentation Combined Adaptive Mean Shifting with Image Abstraction

GPU-Based ECC Decode Unit for Efficient Massive Data Reception Acceleration

A Graph Embedding Technique for Weighted Graphs Based on LSTM Autoencoders

Stagewise Weak Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm Based on Adaptive Weak Threshold and Arithmetic Mean

Improved Social Force Model based on Navigation Points for Crowd Emergent Evacuation

Zero-Watermarking Algorithm in Transform Domain Based on RGB Channel and Voting Strategy

Secure Performance Analysis Based on Maximum Capacity